Who We Are



At Gearonimo Sports, we believe Colorado Springs needs a knowledgeable sporting goods store that stocks high-quality equipment at affordable prices. In fact, ‘affordable’ is an understatement here. See for yourself–  we have jaw-dropping prices.

 In this day and age, we must be considerate of both our environment and our bank account! Don’t throw away your perfectly functional mountain sports gear, come put it on consignment or sell directly to us. Recycle, reuse and replenish your impact on the environment and your wallet. Think green and make some money at the same time!

GEARONIMO is not your average used gear shop, we have high-quality equipment for all forms of specialist sports– climbing, kayaking, biking, snow sports and much more.  We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you with any of your gear questions. We have everything to fulfill your adventure cravings. Stop by and make new friends!

We have BEER!

Pete Youngwerth



Known to all as the Master and Commander, when Pete gets out to sail, he sails fast.  Pete has a love for the big mountains and has climbed in Antarctica, Russia, South America and many many more areas.  If you have any questions about big expedition climbing, Pete is your guy. Spending weeks at base camp and pooping in buckets is what he lives for.  An avid climber, squirrel rancher and all around lumberjack, stop in to hear some crazy stories and relax and chat.

Lisa Youngwerth


 When Lisa is not working, she is usually shredding the Gnarr, getting sweet pow face shots, throwing down some brown claws, and cranking' on crimps.  An expert climber and kayaker, she will be able to answer all questions you may have. She loves to give great deals to customers so that everybody is happy! Rumor has it, that one time while dressed all in red and confronted face to face with a liger, Lisa simply said "Kabooya", and the liger vanished for good (which is why they are extinct).   

Tyler Youngwerth


 Tyler was a world's bouldering competitor and if you want tips on getting strong, climbing efficient and advancing in rock climbing, Tyler is your contact. BUT...be careful, because she can bench press you.  I once saw her pull the cog railway UP Pikes Peak with her teeth just to get a donut at the summit.  Her wonderful approach to training and achieving personal goals is why we here atGearonimo find her irreplaceable.  

Sophia Besaha


 Sophia suffers from a rare disease called over obsessive organizer disorder, so we hired her. She is so sweet and will find you what you need very quickly. When she isn't working she is riding her horse in the mountains she is a horse whisperer. She is also a coach at Pure Bouldering Gym so she is an expert in Rock Climbing.  

Apache/ Shania


When entering the shop you will find these two at your feet be careful stepping over them. Be sure to pay the toll of some pets before you continue your shopping. They bring the life to the shop and are always the hardest workers. Bring in your furry friends to meet them!

Travis Frey


When you don't see Travis at Gearonimo snacking on a sandwich or working hard to find you the right gear for your next adventure. You will most likely won't see him because he will be back in the deep timber cutting and building tree houses for the bears. He has been adopted into the bear family as one of their own. They gave him the name "Griz." He has been known to steal your trash on Wednesdays and not cleaning up his mess.